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English Level Courses

In these courses, you will improve your speaking, reading, listening and writing skills, using textbooks and other material carefully chosen by our teaching staff. We use audio and video presentations, and we also place a great deal of emphasis on using the most up to date computer resources. You can have full access to our materials. Our communicative approach ensures that all students, even beginners, take an active part in all lessons. 

You will sit for a placement test to determine which level is best for you.

It is the first time you study English or you want to start again with the most basic things.

You are capable of describing situations and expressing yourself coherently with topics you know well and you can understand the key points in complex texts by yourself and you are capable of expressing yourself spontaneously and by improvising.

You can understand short texts and communicate with simple sentences.

Beginner Courses (A & B)

Elementary Courses (A & B)

Intermediate Courses (A & B)

You have the Advanced level and you wish to be more professional and study
English in more depth.



Advanced Courses (A & B)

How to Register?

Contact Us for the Free English Assessment Test in order to evaluate your current English Level. Once we received the result, we shall then enroll you to the next batch of English Training Schedule. 


Find out more how you can benefit from the flexible timing and payment scheme in our Centre. Call us now: 06 5258 999. 



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