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Our exams are scheduled and taken at Certified iTEP Test Centers. To find the test center closest to you, and schedule a test, click here. You can schedule iTEP anytime that works for you and the test center three or more business days from now. iTEP does not have set test dates.

Hundreds of Schools, One Price

No matter where in the world you take iTEP Academic-Plus or iTEP SLATE-Plus, the price is the same: $119USD.


learn about the test format, what to expect on exam day, and to see sample questions, visit our Totest preparation page.


Most of the time, these exams are administered at the locations of the organizations that use them. However, sometimes our clients ask their employees or applicants to take one of our tests at a Certified iTEP Test Center.


iTEP HospitalityiTEP Au Pair, and iTEP Intern are used by companies and organizations in specific industries for hiring and promtions. These tests are also used by organizations that process J-1 Visas, which enable work study programs in the US.


iTEP Business exams are used and recognized by many private companies, governments agencies, and more throughout the world for hiring and assessment.


iTEP also offers several exams for use in recruiting and placement by private companies and organizations.



TYPES Of ITEP Examination



iTEP SLATE is used and accepted as proof of English proficiency by hundreds of high schools, boarding schools, and academies across North America. 


iTEP Academic is used and accepted as proof of English proficiency by hundreds of colleges, universities, and intensive English programs (IEPs) throughout the US and Canada.

iTEP - International Test of English Proficiency

The International Test of English Proficiency or iTEP is a language assessment tool that measures the English skills of non-native English speakers. The test is supported by more than 600 institutions including the California State University system.

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